We offer Tactical Airsoft experiences specifically designed for individual groups. Equipped as a Combat Unit, your team will deal with scenarios and carry out objectives under fire on the foot hills of the Brecon Beacons.

What is it?

Our Tactical Airsoft experience is designed to make your group feel like a Combat Unit.
Using imitation weaponry that fire high velocity BB's (Bio-Degradable Ball Bearings) and equipped in combat clothing; You and your team will undertake chosen missions/objectives or themes.
We try to make this feel realistic, in an adventurous setting; Making the experience as fun as possible whilst keeping safety paramount.


Your Experience?

The Airsoft experience can be catered to your group. (Stag & Hen, Party or Corporate) We have a variety of activity options depending on your group size, ability and requirements. (Options discussed when booking)
The main aim as per all our activities are that groups have as much enjoyment as possible, leaving with a positive unforgettable experience.
You will not be barked orders or shouted at, our emphasis is on fun.
This is a half or full day physically demanding adrenaline filled activity.

Feeling adventurous? Want more adrenaline? If not booking full day Airsoft; Why not spend the other part of the day with a completely different experience like our Canyoning activity!
Hot food and refreshments are available between. (Not included in price)


What Makes Us Different?

As standard, teams will be given combat clothing, equipment and issued the M4 assault rifle with a high cap magazine. You'll feel the part..
Depending on the game, objective or scenario, your group will also have access to additional support weapons!
We take pictures and video of the activity as standard for free.
Free full cap mag reload prior to game. (Additional ammo can be purchased)

We operate on the foothills of the Brecon Beacons using private fields and woodland.
No walk-on's; Groups only with advanced booking.