White Water Tubing

Let the rivers of South Wales take you on a white-knuckle ride through breath-taking scenery at break-neck speed

What is it?

Our White Water Tubing is an exciting new take on rafting. Our river tubes give you the individual experience of bouncing down frantic white water rapids, this brings you closer to the river, more in control of your own journey and makes you feel like a kid again; its guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
We are the only company in South Wales to offer this unique activity.


Is it scary?

White water tubing is exhilarating rather than scary – it’s fast paced, energetic and bracing all at once, whilst also travelling down one of the most incredible rivers in wales. There are no terrifying leaps (unless you ask!), but you will find yourself at the mercy of mother nature.

Is it dangerous?

Decked out in the best water safety gear and under the watchful eye of the Extreme Wales team to guide you safely through the river’s bends, rapids and drops all you’ll have to worry about is having a great time and getting as wet as you can.

So dive on in for the white water ride of your life