With so much stunning scenery above-ground in Wales it can be easy to overlook the fascinating and intriguing labyrinth that winds its way below the surface...

What is it?

Our Caving takes you underground into the wild cave systems of South Wales to explore their mysteries and delve into their depths for yourself. You’ll find yourself scrambling, climbing, swimming underground rivers and exploring these unique alien environments, whilst learning about the geology of the cave, it will definitely test your mind and body’s limits.
The Cave we use is considered one of the most famous in Wales.


Is it scary?

People perceive Caving as tight confined spaces and crawling, We only use cave systems that you can walk/scramble and swim through and all confined sections are optional. We cater to your groups wants and ability levels.


Is it dangerous?

If you are not familiar with cave networks then entering them alone can be very risky - there could be unforeseen flooding, cave-ins, or you could find yourself lost in the maze. Venturing inside with our experts, who know the caves and the safest way through is an exciting way to explore a hidden underworld of mystery, with state-of-the-art equipment and complete confidence.

So why not tumble down the rabbit hole and find out what really goes on down there…?