Canyoning is the ultimate adventure for anyone looking for adrenaline and fun in a spectacular environment; And South Wales is superbly equipped to offer the best in Canyoning action, with its rugged landscapes and natural beauty.

What is it?

Our Canyoning is an adventure that combines the best outdoor activities into one exhilarating experience. You’ll be scrambling, climbing, cliff jumping, diving into waterfalls and sliding/swimming down rapids in South Wales’ wildest and most beautiful Gorge in the famous waterfalls area. It is the best way to explore these epic hidden rivers and to test your abilities in a challenging yet fun environment.
The location we use is considered to be the best descent in South Wales.


Is it scary?

Canyoning is as scary as you want to make it. Our guides are familiar with the landscape, so they’ll know exactly what they’re getting you into – and out of! Your experience is up to you. Huge jumps, wild swimming, – they’re all there if you want to try them, but if yours is a scenic hike through picturesque wilderness there’s no need to brave the more challenging aspects of the experience.


Is it dangerous?

Canyoning takes place far out in the wilderness, and without the knowledge and skills of our experienced guides you could easily find yourself in difficulty. But with Extreme Wales’ top-of-the-range equipment and inside info on the most exciting routes you’ll be able to enjoy every element of your experience with utmost confidence.